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Lucian Explora's distinctive style of touring offers something very different to your ordinary guided tour or package holiday. What makes Lucian Explora totally unique is that we are truly dedicated in what we do and focused entirely on the customer. You will find us professionally attired and offering a personal service on all occasions accompanying you wherever you go, which could be snorkeling, a jump in the mud bath in Soufriere, visiting a waterfall, hiking, and we are always ready to capture those fun moments on camera for our guests to take back home and make their friends jealous. Being born and raised in St Lucia I have intimate knowledge of the island, its culture and heritage and I am able to take guests to those “off the beaten path” places that perhaps others might not find. With over 10 years of working in the Customer Service field I have gained the skills to create customized tours for any request and to provide the most for a guest vacation on the beautiful island that is St Lucia. Every tour is scheduled in route and timing to avoid the crowds and make the word PRIVATE mean exactly that. There is nothing like a time limit, so no one feels rushed or cut short of an experience. Lucian Explora is a fun and sociable experience from the time we start the trip we are engaged in conversation, it is always very interesting to get to know our guests, we learn where they are from, what they do and even down to the names of their grandchildren. We have many guests that we have taken care of and we still communicate with and it really does feel like we have become family. Lucian Explora Tour Leaders are home-grown, knowledgeable and fun loving folks with a passion for showing guests the real island vibes. We choose to remain private and family run to ensure quality control and the perfect experience as we take pride in the memories we leave imprinted on the guests' hearts. After all, I believe that the most important ingredient for showcasing this beautiful island of the West Indies is a totally down to earth and fun tour guide, with patience and dedication to ensuring the guest is safe and absolutely happy. What I love more than anything is taking the guests to my hometown of Micoud and visiting Furniture City, my dad's factory and meeting with my family. At that point my customers feel so special and they are on the inside of life in St Lucia. It's always a fascinating stop for them because for some reason they never imagined that a small island can produce such beautiful furniture and then compare it with what they get wherever they are from. In a nutshell Lucian Explora provides co-created experiences giving our guests rich experiences and memories tailored around their personal interests which they remember for the rest of their lives.


Expert Tour Knowledge
Fully Customized Packages
Friendly and fun Tour guides
100%  Satisfaction guaranteed

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